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Zoology Programs in Texas?

Question: I am currently a junior in high school. I was wondering if there are any colleges in Texas that have a class in Zoology. I am really interested in a career in where I get to study animals, especially in their habitats. Thank you, this would really mean a lot and I'd have a better idea of where I would want to go to college.

I just used College Confidential's "SuperMatch" (see ) to find four-year colleges in Texas where students can not only take classes in zoology but also major in it.

My search came up with:

Texas A&M

Texas Tech

U of Texas-Austin

Texas State U-San Marcos

Texas Women's University (and, yes, men can enroll)

Tarleton State University

There are other Texas colleges that offer courses in zoology even if it's not available as a major or which offer majors in related fields. For instance, a major in “Wildlife Biology", “Forest Science and Biology" or “Animal Behavior and Ethology" might interest you, and you can search schools that offer these options on SuperMatch.

I suggest that you play around with “SuperMatch" by typing your desired locale and major and then add in other preferences …size, admission standards, etc. You should consider colleges outside of Texas as well. SuperMatch can help you pick locations that are a reasonable distance from home but not necessarily in-state. While public in-state universities can often offer the lowest price tags, you may also find that need-based financial aid and/or merit scholarships can make private colleges and out-of-state colleges equally (or even more) affordable.

Happy hunting!

(posted 9/10/2012)