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This information is targeted mainly at high school juniors. Granted, you're busy right now with school's year-end requirements. You're thinking about next month's Advanced Placement exams, maybe some Subject Tests, and/or another SAT. Maybe you're also conducting a summer job search, now that school is winding down. If you're a spring-sport athlete, you've got practices and games to contend with, plus you've got a life, right? I hope so. Spring weather offers opportunities to get out there with that boy or girl of your dreams and get away from thinking about differential equations and the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Well, let me throw something else onto your pile of important thoughts -- college choices. In just a matter of months, you'll be a high school senior. You'll be amazed at how fast you can go from spring to fall. Summers are usually a blur, so start thinking ahead now. Maybe you can do some quality thinking during the summer blur, but human nature, being what it is, usually sidetracks advanced planning for teenagers. So, the challenge I'll issue to you today is to start thinking about which colleges best suit your higher education needs and which ones will see your application roll in.

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