The Year In Review

Well, here we are at the end of another year. For those of us of “advanced years," it's hard to imagine that 12 months have come and gone. Such is the perspective of aging.

Looking back across 2015, we can see familiar happenings related to college, along with some new trends. The familiar includes the early January scramble to get applications submitted before the admissions committees return from their holiday break. Let's not forget the late-March-early-April admission decisions that arrive every spring, carrying the good and bad news for all those high school seniors who applied Regular Decision.

The end of the school year in May and June brings a summer filled with opportunity to work summer jobs, internships, visit colleges, and just plain relax. Summer flies by for high schoolers the same as entire years zoom past those of us older folks. Come late August-early September, it's back to school, with all those plans for college preparation, especially for juniors and even sophomores.

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