Paying for College

Working A Job While in College

I don’t have to tell you how expensive college is. In fact, just the other day I saw a thread on the College Confidential discussion forum about the total per-year cost at New York University. By “total,” I mean everything: tuition, room and board, fee, living expenses in NYC, health insurance, etc. The figures are staggering. Take a look at the far-right column of this chart:

SchoolTuition & FeesLiving ExpensesHealth InsuranceTotal
Stern School of BusinessUS$ 46,516US$ 24,000US$ 3,439US$ 73,955
Gallatin School of Individualized StudyUS$ 45,028US$ 24,000US$ 3,439US$ 72,467
Polytechnic School of EngineeringUS$ 45,028US$ 24,000US$ 3,439US$ 72,467
Tisch School of the ArtsUS$ 49,422US$ 24,000US$ 3,439US$ 76,861
Silver School of Social WorkUS$ 45,028US$ 24,000US$ 3,439US$ 72,467
College of NursingUS$ 45,028US$ 24,000US$ 3,439US$ 72,467
The Liberal Studies ProgramUS$ 45,028US$ 24,000US$ 3,439US$ 72,467

The Tisch School of the Arts boasts (if that’s the right word) a total annual budget of almost $77,000 per year! Of course there’s the financial aid factor, but NYU isn’t known for its generous aid. So, Moms and Dads (and undergrads who will be facing massive loan debt) your four years at Tisch will come in at around $300K. The mind boggles.

Anyway, for those of you high school seniors heading to college this fall, and for you parents of those about-to-be frosh, it may be time to consider the possibility of students working while in college. I’m not talking about those relatively low-paying Federal Work-Study jobs. I’m talking about being an entrepreneur and finding a need among your college peers and filling it.

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