Campus Life

Will Your College Be Safe?

We can all recall those terrifying images of Virginia Tech, where so many students and faculty were senselessly murdered in cold blood. There have been other similar campus slayings over the years. But, thankfully, those high-profile situations are the exception. The real issues concerning college campus safety involve individual encounters, such as assaults, robberies, random violence, and incursions by non-college individuals who prey on those students who are unprepared to deal with campus safety issues.

For you about-to-be college freshmen, and you parents of about-to-be and current college students, it would pay to do some research concerning the facts about college safety issues. How should one prepare to deal with potential problems on campus? What resources do colleges offer to help protect their students? How safe is the college where you will be this fall? These are all legitimate questions that need answering.

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