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Will Your Baby Boomerang?

When I graduated from college, I moved to another state. I was married and we had a new baby, our first. Life was scary then. The job market may not have been as depressed as it is now. I can't recall. However, for a young-20s-something, it took courage to pack up everything, rent a U-Haul, and establish residence in another state. We made that decision based entirely on the hopes of my new job, which would end up lasting less than half a year before we returned to our home town, not to either of our parents' homes.

We could have "boomeranged," as the common parlance goes these days, but I was perhaps too proud to accept the graciousness and hospitality of my parent ("parent" (singular), as it was back then because my father had passed away before I graduated, leaving my mother on her own). College graduates these days are facing a different world than I did back in the early Seventies. Things are shaky now. They were shaky back then, too, I guess, but the intensity of the shakiness wasn't as apparent, at least it seems that way to me now as I look back.

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