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Will "Undecided" Major on Applications Hurt Admission Odds?

Question: My son is not sure yet what his major will be but he knows it will science-related, and maybe engineering. Will that hurt him during the application process when he is asked to specify a discipline?

When the choice of major that the candidate indicates on the application is not binding (i.e., the student is not making a formal commitment to it), then I always advise students to write down something rather than answering "undecided." It usually works in a student's favor to show that he or she does have specific interests and for the admissions committees to have at least an inkling of what these interests are. Since most applications allow space for two or three prospective majors, the student can toss out a range of options which may be similar to each other (e.g., math, computer science, physics) or not at all (e.g., Spanish, chemistry, art history).

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