Preparing for College

Will Summer School F Mean Rescinded Transfer Acceptance?

Question: My son attended a local community college and was accepted to transfer to a four-year college as a junior this fall. However, he received a failing grade in a summer session class he just took. Does this mean he cannot transfer?

This is a question that your son will have to ask the admission officials at his transfer college. My best guess is that he will not receive credit for the failed course (no surprise there!), but it will not affect his acceptance, because he was admitted based on his classes and GPA prior to the summer session.

BUT ... it's impossible for me to know if his acceptance was predicated upon successful completion of the summer class or if the transfer school has any sort of other policy in place that could turn his recent "F" into a deal-breaker. Only the admission officials at the transfer college can tell him this. However, if your son has a reasonable explanation for his bad grade (illness, unexpected scheduling conflict with job hours, etc.) he should be sure to mention it when he contacts the admission folks.