How Will My Son's Skewed Abilities Be Viewed?

Question: My son is truly gifted in math related subjects but struggles with writing, english and languages.  His SAT scores are almost perfect in math but low 600’s in CR and Writing. He plans to pursue engineering and is currently enrolled in AP Calc, AP Phys, and AP Stat, all of which are a breeze for him.  GPA is 3.7 due to B’s in the weaker subjects and unable to take math related AP’s until senior year.  Will colleges look closer at his math subjects given his interest in engineering or will they compare his overall package with other students for admission?  Also will his Senior fall grades count for admission consideration?

The answer to your first question … which may sound like something of a cop-out … is “a little of each.”

Admission officials will certainly realize that your son’s strengths are skewed. But if they feel that his gifts (both academic and extracurricular) outweigh his deficiencies, they will admit him. If, however, the admission folks see his strengths as being comparable to those of “competitor” applicants who are firing on all cylinders and feel that there is nothing else about his credentials that jumps off the page, then his news may not be good.

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