Preparing for College

Will Skipping Honors in Math Torpedo College Acceptances?

Questions: Selective schools want students to have taken the most challenging courses available to them. I've taken honors classes in all core subjects EXCEPT for math where I take the accelerated classes. It still means I will take calculus my senior year. Does this put me out of the running at a selective school (not an IVY...but still very selective - 20-30% acceptance rate)

Your curriculum will not put you out of the running at ANY college, even the MOST selective. Granted, the Ivies and their hyper-competitive counterparts fill many of their beds with applicants who boast a head-spinning array of rigorous courses on their transcripts. But there is always room for an interesting candidate who has elected very challenging classes, even if not the tip-top ones across the board.

(posted 3/14/2012)