Will Signing Up for Admissions Mailing Lists "Out" Test-Takers to Colleges?

Question: When you sign up for mailing lists (bubbling in that dot) while taking the PSAT or SAT, do colleges get your scores? I always thought colleges only mailed information to people above a certain score. If not, doesn't signing up for these mailings defeat the purpose of Score Choice? Now, colleges will know you took an SAT/PSAT on that date and will wonder why they didn't get a corresponding score for that date!

Fear not. Colleges do not receive your scores from the College Board unless you specifically order Score Reports sent to them. If you sign up to get onto mailing lists when you register for tests via the "Student Search Service," then colleges will receive your name and contact information if you fit whatever profiles they have requested. These profiles may include a test-score range but will often also include other factors, too, such as where you live, your prospective major (if you chose one), your racial/ethnic background, your athletic or extracurricular interests, even your religion.

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