Will Parents' Korean Colleges Affect Admission Outcomes?

Question: My parents spent the majority of their lives in Korea; we immigrated when I was three. They both attended fairly well- known and prestigious universities in Korea, and my father attended a graduate program after immigration. When I am answering the parent college question on applications, will the schools I apply to recognize my parents’ schools as being valid? Also, is my answer to this question on the application likely to affect my chances of being admitted?

When discussing the application question that inquires about your parents’ college background, the word “valid” isn’t … well … valid. 😉  That is, there is no “good” or “bad” way to respond to this question, and your admission decisions won’t be linked to the prestige of your parents’ alma maters.

I imagine that some admission officials will recognize the names of the Korean universities that your parents attended and others won’t. But it doesn’t matter. The primary purpose of this often-controversial question is to allow admission officials to ferret out the “first-generation-to-college” candidates who commonly get a small advantage in the admission process and are sometimes eligible for special scholarships.  When admission officers see that an applicant’s parents did attend college, it doesn’t matter so much which college they attended; it simply tells them that the applicant is not “first-gen.”

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