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Will P.E. Class Punishment Affect College Outcomes?

Question: I have never gotten in trouble but today my P.E teacher has given me detention for having earphones in my ears. I don't know whether it will become an administrative detention or just a detention from my teacher that doesn't go on my record. If it does end up becoming an administrative detention does this affect what colleges I can get into?

My best guess is that this detention will not go on your record, so you can endure whatever punishment your P.E. teacher doles out (5,000 sit ups?) and then forget about it (once you've stashed those earphones out of sight for the next P.E. class, that is).

And even if you get an official school detention that does go on your record, it will not have any negative impact on your college outcomes. You should report it on your applications and very briefly explain the situation. If you say that it was a first offense and that you have stayed out of trouble ever since, no admission officer in the universe will penalize you for wearing earphones in gym class.

So don't sweat ... except in gym, of course. ;-)

(posted 11/3/2011)