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Will No Pre-Calc Torpedo Elite-College Chances?

Question: Our son intends to study Latin, German and Classics in college. He attends a private college prep HS and has strong credentials - lots of AP and honors. However, he opted out of Honors Algebra II, a prerequisite for Pre-calc, and has been told by his counselor that he has effectively eliminated the possibility of gaining entry to a selective college (e.g. Georgetown level). Is it true that no Pre-Calc will be that significant a negative for an otherwise strong student who will pursue a liberal arts degree?

If "The Dean" is reading you correctly, you're saying that your son is aiming for highly selective places like Georgetown but won't be taking any upper level math classes. (You said that he opted out of Honors Algebra II which sounds like he will still take Algebra II but at the regular, college-prep level, right?)

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