Will Nap in Class Hurt Prospective Student's Admission Odds?

Question: Hi, I visited my first choice college and sat in a class. I slept very little the night before due to the prescription medication I took keeping me awake. I dozed off during lecture and I was sitting in the far corner of the front row, I'm sure the professor saw I was dozing off. I'm just wondering, will that hurt my chance of admission? Does admission normally communicate with the professor in the class opened to visitors?

The professor may have been a bit insulted that you dozed off during the lecture, but it won't have any impact on your admission chances. Admission officials don't check in with faculty members to evaluate a routine classroom visit. However, if you want to be a good guy, it wouldn't hurt to write the prof a note (if you know his or her name) and apologize for the cat-nap, explaining that you were taking medication that hit you weirdly. This extra effort on your part won't affect your admission chances either, but it might be good for your karma. ;-)

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