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Will Mistakes on School Profile Hurt My Admission Chances?

Question: Thank you for reading my question. I'm an international student and my school doesn't have an "official" profile. So my school counselor, who is not a native English speaker, created a profile to send to my U.S. colleges. She made lots of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. She also named colleges in a wrong way (for example, Purdue university as Perdue university or University of Chicago as Chicago University). And the most critical mistake she made is that she named my school wrong! Also, she mentioned that my school offers AP courses and anatomy courses for seniors, which is not true. Do you think these mistakes will hurt my application a lot?

Don’t worry. These mistakes will not hurt your chances. In fact, they may even work in your favor a very tiny bit. (Once admission officials see how little English your counselor knows and how unfamiliar she is with U.S. colleges, it may show them some of the challenges you’ve faced in applying to American schools.)

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