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Will Missing Campus Visit Penalize Vassar Applicant from CA?

Question: My son lives in California and was going to attend the last open house at Vassar College in November. For various reasons, we were not able to fly out that weekend and missed it. He has seen their college rep at his school as well as attended an information session in San Francisco. We cannot sign up for a tour at this point. This school is highly desirable but a reach. Do you think since he hasn't visited the actual campus that he will not be considered? He can still sign up for an alumni interview in California once his app his received. Thank you.

"The Dean" realizes that there is a lot of admissions buzz these days about the importance of "demonstrating interest" to target colleges. But, fear not, your son is doing fine. Admission officials realize that prospective applicants can't always make the trek from an opposite coast for a campus visit.

However, if he wishes, your son can send an email to the rep he met at his school explaining that he can't make it to campus due to the distance but noting that Vassar is high up on his list (or his top choice, if it truly is). If he plans to visit in the spring, if accepted, he can say that, too.

Note also that Vassar is eager to enroll more males, so this should help your son's admission odds. And if he's really interested in Vassar, it's not too late for him to apply via the Early Decision Round 2 option, which will boost his admission chances even more.

(posted 12/2/2011)