Will Mid-Year D and F Mean Rescinded Acceptance?

Question: My son has already received acceptance from a few schools but seems to have dropped the ball in 2 of the 3 AP classes he has signed up for in the senior year (a D in one and F in another) . His GPA prior to commencing senior year was ~ 3.2. No extenuating circumstances to explain the drop. He just seems to have been over confident and slipped up.  This has never happened in the past.

Question is: if the accepting school asks for a mid year transcript, should we send a letter of explanation (admitting what happened and indicating how he plans to catch up) along with the official transcript or are we better off waiting till year end and/or till being asked for an explanation - with the hope that his grades will improve in the interim. He is definitely clocking in more time now to catch up. Also, will this lead to his acceptance being rescinded? Thanks for your feedback!

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