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Will Low SAT's Keep Dyslexic Student Out of U of AZ SALT Center?

Question: I have had a documented diagnosis of dyslexia since 4th grade. My SAT's are bad (each one is in the very low 400's), but my GPA is 3.5 in my academic courses (no honors or AP but some of the classes are considered very hard in my school). I am very interested in the University of Arizona's Strategic Alternatives Learning Techniques (“SALT") program but my test scores are well below the UA medians, especially for out-of-state applicants (which I am). Will I get special consideration because I have a learning disability and I'm applying to SALT or am I expected to have the same SAT's as everyone else?

“The Dean" has good news for you … the University of Arizona is test-optional and thus does not require students to submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission. (Note, however, that without standardized test scores, students are not eligible to receive merit scholarships or apply to the Honors College.)

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