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Will Low SAT Scores Keep First-Gen Hispanic Out of Cal and UCLA?

Question: I am a Hispanic student who is in his junior year of high school. My grades are good;however, my standardize test scores are low. I have a 1680 in the SAT (480 Reading, 680 Math, and 500 Writing) and a 24 in the ACT (English 21 (22 with writing), 33 in math, 20 in reading, and 23 in science). My dream school is Cal and/or UCLA. I plan to major in math or statistics. However, due to my test scores, I do not think that I have a chance to make it to these schools. I wanted to ask if the fact that I have a speech impediment, I am first generation to go to college, and I am the oldest of five will help my application. Thanks.

College admission officials will definitely take your ethnicity and background into consideration. Your speech impediment won't be either a plus or a minus unless you make it work in your favor. You might do this by writing your college essay about overcoming whatever challenges it has presented. (Perhaps you were teased by other students? Or you used to be fearful of answering questions in class but have pushed past those fears?) If you choose to write your essay about something else (for instance, growing up as the oldest of five would be a good topic), you can explain your speech problem in the "Additional Information" section that you'll find on many applications or in a supplementary letter to admission committees. (The gist of your explanation should not be simply that you have this problem but that you've surmounted it, and it's made you stronger.)

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