Will Late CSS Profile Disqualify Early Decision Candidate?

Question: My Early Decision college had the deadline of November 15 for the submission of CSS Profile. But due to some health related and financial problems, I haven’t submitted it yet. I will submit it on Nov 29. I have emailed my college explaining the reasons behind late submission. Since there is no reply as of yet, what should I do? Am I too late by now?

Since you did ask for an extension and you will get the Profile to the college this weekend, you are probably okay. But I suggest that you telephone the admission office on Monday morning (or any time on Monday that you can get to a phone … keeping in mind that the office will only be open from roughly 8:30 or 9  a.m. until 4 p.m. or so, and that–if the time zone is different from your own–you will have to plan accordingly). Explain your situation and ask if your application will still be considered during the early round, despite the tardy financial aid forms. Chances are good that it will be, but you really need to telephone when the office reopens.

Another consideration is that, if your financial situation is exceptionally complicated … and if the college in question is not “need-blind” …  then it’s possible that you will be moved into the Regular Decision pool due to the late Profile because college financial aid officials won’t have adequate time to sort out your financial aid requirements before the ED notification date. But you can’t know for sure without the phone call.

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