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Will Frosh Honor Code Violation Impact Admission Chances?

Question: I a high school freshman. I have one Honor Code Violation so far. I copied ONE sentence from a classmate on a homework assignment. I don't intend on getting a second one because I won't make that mistake again. Does this hurt my chances of applying to Stanford University or New York University?

If you were suspended from school (or put on some sort of "probation") for your honor-code violation, you will have to report it on your college applications. In this case, you should write a supplementary letter or use the "Additional Information" section on your applications to explain exactly what you did and the lessons you learned from it.

Since you are just in 9th grade, and your misdeed was a common one that doesn't suggest deep character flaws or the likelihood that you will have a damaging impact on your college community, admission officials will probably disregard it ... especially if you've maintained a clear record ever since and you've provided excellent recommendations from your teachers and school counselor.

If you were NOT suspended for this violation, it need not be reported to colleges.

In either case, in the years ahead, heed the words of my late Nana and "Keep your nose clean." ;)

(posted 2/10/2011)