How Will Elite Colleges View Community College Applicant?

Question: My daughter wants to come home for spring semester of Freshman year.  She will be attending the local community college honors program.  Do colleges such as Swarthmore or Vassar look down on this if she want to apply her sophomore fall or junior fall semester?

 “The Dean” is flying without instruments here. It would be very useful to know where your daughter is at school right now, why she plans to come home and attend community college, and if she was admissible to places like Swarthmore and Vassar straight out of high school.

While “elite” colleges don’t “look down” on community college transfer candidates –and, in fact, may even woo them–this special consideration is typically reserved for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, for those who weren’t properly counseled to apply to highly selective colleges the first time around, or for late bloomers who didn’t hit full academic stride while in high school.

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