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Will ED Application to Colby Hurt Financial Aid Package?

Question: My child has decided that Colby is his first choice. He has submitted an application, and they have until January 29th to change it to Early Decision II. Is it more difficult to get financial aid as an ED candidate, or is that "need blind" as well.

For starters, Colby is no longer "need-blind" for Early Decision applicants or for any others. It is my understanding that Colby operates very much as Smith College did when I worked there, which was during the era that Smith switched from a "need-blind” to a "need-aware" approach. That is, candidates are initially evaluated and rated without regard to their financial need. Then, all of the higher-rated applicants will be admitted (again, without considering financial need), but some applicants with more borderline ratings who have high need (or sometimes any need) will be waitlisted or denied. (These are students who might have been admitted if they were able to pay full freight.)

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