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Will Duplicate Documents Hurt Admission Odds?

Question: What do college admissions offices do when they receive multiple copies of the same document from an applicant, whether it be from an error or otherwise? One of my teachers accidentally sent 3 copies of the same recommendation letter to a college and, since this was a supplemental letter, this was done to confirm that the letter had arrived (1 was sent via fax during break, 1 was sent via fax after the admissions office returned from break, and 1 was sent via certified mail). Will the office add all 3 letters to my file or will they notice that the letters are exactly the same and toss them? Will admissions officers/volunteers in the office get annoyed with me for this?

“The Dean” is always delighted when the answer is shorter than the question. ;-)

All three letters will probably start out in your file, but then the duplicates may get marked as such and tossed out. The multiple copies will have no impact on your admission outcome whatsoever, so don’t worry about it. It happens all the time.

Good luck!

(posted 1/9/2013)