Will Daughter's Scholarships Elsewhere Sway Ivy Verdicts?

Question: My daughter is a high school senior. She has received several scholarships, some for full tuition. Is it appropriate to inform the Ivies (and other highly selective colleges) of this while we are waiting the final two weeks for their decisions?

Congratulations to your daughter on her scholarships. But, no, it is not at all appropriate to tell admission officials at the elite colleges that she has received scholarships from (presumably) less selective schools. The admission folks won’t care, and they might even resent the fact that you are trying to apply this pressure, especially during their busiest time of year.

Think of it this way … let’s say that you’ve just invited Typhanee—the hottest girl in your high school—to the senior prom. She said she’ll think it over and get back to you. Meanwhile, your cousin Mabel proposes that, since she and her two best friends from the chess club don’t have dates, you could all split a limo and go together. Do you think that providing this information to Typhanee would help to spur an affirmative decision? Nope, didn’t think so. (By the way, I don’t mean to cast aspersion on chess players by suggesting that they can’t be desirable. I played three games with my son this morning—he’s home sick with a virus—so it’s just on my brain, and the stereotyping was a cheap but probably effective way to make a point.)

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