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Will Criminal Record Keep Prospective Student Out of Massage Therapy Program?

Question: I am interested in going to college to study massage therapy. I have met all the requirements, but they have to run a background check. I have been convicted of 7 misdemeanors: 4th degree theft, 4th degree trespassing, 4th degree disorderly conduct, 4th degree reckless driving with no insurance, 4th degree menacing, 4th degree internet harassment, and 3rd degree terrorist threatening. Will this keep me from getting in? I searched online and couldn't find much, but the college's brochure said you can't get in if you have been arrested or convicted of sex related charges. I don't have that those but I really need to know about my others. Thanks.

"The Dean" can't say for sure how your record will affect your admission at your target college. If the admission officials are concerned ONLY about sexually-based offenses, then it sounds like you're okay. But your overall record has so many "blemishes" that it could be a huge flag at decision time.

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