Will Colleges Count Senior Grades for Post-Gap Applicant?

Question: So I have been told many times that Colleges will only look at GPA through Junior year. I was wondering if taking a gap year then applying to colleges if they would look at my GPA after Senior year. My GPA as it is in Junior year isn't the greatest, but the classes I am taking senior year are all Advanced classes that interest me and I know I can get A's in all of them.

It sounds like you're tuned into the wrong grapevine. Colleges DO pay close attention to senior grades, especially those from the first semester. Granted, this isn't true for all candidates to all colleges, because most Early Action and Early Decision Round I verdicts are issued before first-semester grades are posted, as are many Rolling Admission verdicts. But, commonly, admission officials will ask high school counselors for first-quarter senior grades before determining admission outcomes in the fall. (And colleges scrutinize senior grades at the end of the school year and will rescind decisions … even as late as July … if these grades have plummeted since the student applied.)

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