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Will Colleges Count My Middle School Spanish Classes?

Question: I took Spanish classes all throughout middle school (Spanish A/B in sixth grade, Spanish 1 in 7th, and Spanish 2 in 8th). Consequently, I started off freshman year in high school in Spanish 3 HP, and sophomore year in Spanish 4 AP. How many years of foreign language would this count as? Should I take Spanish 5 AP senior year as well?

Your 6th grade Spanish class will not count towards your years of language completed, but your Spanish I and II classes in grades 7 and 8 will. So, it sounds like you have had four years of Spanish already. (Are you not taking it this year, as a junior?) You do not have to take any more Spanish, even if applying to highly selective colleges, so your decision about taking AP Spanish 5 as a senior is really up to you. If you want to do it, and it fits in your schedule without forcing you to give up other classes that you wish---or need--to take, then go ahead and do the extra year of Spanish. You don't mention whether you took an AP exam after you finished Spanish 4 AP. If not, and you're good at Spanish, you might want to take the senior AP class and then the exam, with the hope of earning some college credit.

Another thing you might want to do is to check with your high school guidance counselor to see how middle-school credits are handled on your transcript. At some high schools, your transcript will show all of your middle school language classes and grades, and at some high schools it won't. Likewise, your cumulative GPA may include the middle school classes for which you received high school credit. It probably won't, but you might want to check on that, so you won't have any surprises at college admissions time.