Will College Financial Aid Affect SSI?

Question: I am getting SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Will any of my financial aid be deducted from my income?

No, your financial aid award will not affect your SSI.

However, when you apply for financial aid, your SSI will count as “income.” Typically, SSI payments are so low that they will not have any significant impact on financial aid awards. But if you have any other sources of household income, then the SSI will be combined with these sources to determine your EFC (“Estimated Family Contribution”). Examples of “other sources of income” could include a spouse’s income if you are married or your parents’ income, if you are under 24 and not legally “emancipated” from your parents, even if you don’t live with them. (Legal emancipation is tricky and is a hard status to obtain before age 24. It doesn't simply mean that you live on your own and don't get any support from your family.)

But the amount that you receive in your SSI check will not change regardless of your financial aid award.

(posted 11/19/2010)