Will Change of Major Wipe Old Classes Off Transcript?

Question: I plan to change my major. If I do delete my current major, will my grades from the major courses be excluded from my transcript and deleted also?

For better or worse, once you take ANY college class, it will dog you for life on your transcript. You can change your major, you can change your school, you can even change your gender, but, still, your past courses and grades will remain on your transcript. And, if you apply to transfer to a new college or if you aim for graduate school, you are expected to report ALL classes that you EVER took … anywhere.

The only thing that MAY change, if you switch to a new major, is your graduation date. Although the courses you elected for your previous major will remain on your transcript and you will receive credit for those that you passed, these credits may not count toward your new major, so you might have to spend extra time in school in order to compile the required credits to earn your degree.

Hope that helps and good luck with the switch.

(posted 1/31/2012)