Will B's in Grade 10 Be a Duke Deal-Breaker?

Question: I am a high school sophomore and am currently taking the following classes for my first semester: AP human geography, AP psychology, AP statistics, and English honors. Next semester I will take: biology honors, Pre-calc, and AP US History. I am nearing the end of my first quarter and am currently on the 'B' side of the A/B border for the AP classes. I feel confident that I can get two of them up to an A by the end of the quarter, and all of them up to an A by the end of the semester. However, I am curious to know, how much will it hurt my chances at a place like Duke if I get a B in one or two of the AP classes this Year?

Side Notes: Freshman GPA: 4.3 Extracurricular: Varsity Soccer (strong player); Model UN, working at Burger King part time, program and learn to code in free time, and potential internship at national tech company for the summer. I am also awaiting the results of my second SAT (1260 on first one my freshman year, had a rough day!)

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