Will Barnard Meet Full Need of Indian National Applicant?

Question: Hey! I am an Indian national applying Early Decision to Barnard College for enrollment in Spring 2018. Somebody told me that if you're admitted ED to a college, they have to meet your entire aid requirements. So I just wanted to ask, is that true? And if not, what is the process of awarding of aid in ED?

For starters, Barnard does not have Early Decision for spring. So you would have to plan to enter in the Fall of 2018, if accepted.

Secondly, Barnard is “need aware" for non-US citizens. So your financial need will be considered when your admission decision is made, and the admission process for Indian students—ESPECIALLY those who seek financial assistance is EXTREMELY competitive. Typically, an international student who needs financial help must be MUCH stronger than her “competitor" applicants who hold US citizenship or permanent residency or who are not seeking financial aid. And the bar is set even HIGHER for Indian applicants because so many Indians hope to attend America's most elite colleges, such as Barnard.

If you ARE admitted to Barnard, the college promises to meet 100 percent of your “demonstrated need." But do note that this need is assessed by the college's own formula. It is not based on what YOU think you require. Also note that Barnard has only limited funds for international applicants, which is why the competition is so very stiff. If your high school grades and your SAT or ACT scores fall above the Barnard median range, and if your extracurricular accomplishments are special and/or your life story is unique, then you may be one of the lucky applicants who receives financial aid at Barnard. But if your credentials don't put you at the very top of the Barnard applicant pool and you are seeking financial help, then your Early Decision “chit" might be better spent at a less selective institution.