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Will Application Typos Torpedo Admission Chances?

Question: I just submitted my college application. I went over it a million times. However, after submitting the application I realized I misspelled "Collaborative" accidently by putting "Collaboritive". It was under volunteering activities. Will I be penalized in the admissions process for misspelling the activity name or also by having left two commas next to each other in the description box? Please help; I'm freaking out!

No need for freak-outs. Take a deep breath and relax. You're fine. Chances are, the admission folks whipping through your application, with a mountain of others in front of them waiting to be read, won't even notice your minor errors. And even if they do, your mistakes are far too tiny to be consequential. I promise you that if you don't get into the college (or colleges) that received this application, it WON'T be because of these errors.

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