Will an Application to an Unpopular Major Boost Acceptance Odds?


I am in eleventh grade creating my college list now. Is it true that I'm more likely to get accepted at a college if I apply to an unpopular major? I ask this because I participated in a college's info session and they said the history program "needs people" and I thought maybe it would help my chances to apply in that major.

Applying to an unpopular major may boost admission odds, although it can often be hard to wangle a straight scoop on this from admission officials. Sometimes colleges hope to raise the enrollment in certain undersubscribed departments so prospective Slavic Studies students will go to the front of the line, ahead of budding biologists. College officials might even candidly disclose the areas that they're seeking (such as history, at the college you visited) but commonly you won't get a straight answer about which fields are flagging, even if you ask nicely.

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