Will Admission Officials Recognize My Improvement?

Question: Hello. I have a question about GPA's. I had an average GPA in my freshman year, and I took a few honors classes. It is almost the end of the first quarter of my sophomore year, and my grades aren't the greatest right now. I was wondering how cumulative GPA is calculated, and I was wondering if colleges are fond of improvement over time (meaning, if I got my grades higher as high school continues, would colleges like that). Thank you!

A cumulative GPA is usually based on all of the classes you took in high school. Your high school transcript will always include a cumulative GPA (unless you attend one of the handful of high schools—usually private schools or alternative schools—that don't compute it). Some colleges, however, will recalculate your GPA before evaluating your application. These colleges may eliminate grades in non-academic areas like gym and wood shop and health before they recalculate. Some will count only the “core" classes such as English, social studies, math, science, and foreign language.

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