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Will Admission Committees Look Down on Multiple Transfers?

Question: I am a college sophomore and potential transfer student who went to a 4-year institution for the fall semester in 2009 and then transferred to a community college at home for the spring semester 2010 to bring up my grades. I am now at another 4-year institution just to suffice since I did not want to be at community college any longer. My plan is to transfer to an out of state school, either Georgia or Clemson. Will colleges look down upon me for transferring when considering my application for admissions?

I won't go so far as to say that colleges will look down upon you, but they will certainly look closely and perhaps even look askance, if you don't do a good job of explaining your many moves. Admission officials can be wary of perpetual transfers who can't seem to find a home at any institution. Yet they also realize that some students have sound reasons for switching schools, so you'll have to present yours clearly, either in your primary essay or in a supplemental one.

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