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Will adcoms note that my grade drop is due to my transfer to a challenging private school?

Question: I am a sophomore at a very demanding private high school. My 9th grade average in public school was in the 90's, but my GPA has dropped immensely this year. Will the colleges take into consideration that I am a new student in a demanding school? Will my current grades drastically hurt my chances of getting into a good college?

Colleges will definitely consider your transfer to a tougher school when they see your sophomore GPA, and, if you get back on track soon, it shouldn’t have a significant impact on your chances of admission to a “good” college. However, when it comes to a hyper-competitive school (i.e., the Ivy League and a handful of equivalent colleges, such as Stanford, MIT, Amherst, etc.) then it’s possible that your sophomore slump will have some impact at decision time. At that level, you will be up against very stiff competition, including many students who also transitioned to difficult high schools and maintained top grades when they did.

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