Will Aborted Spanish Language Torpedo Admission Options?

Question: My son is a fluent Japanese speaker having grown up in Japan and attended Japanese public school through age 12. He is a sophomore at a high school with very weak language offerings. The Spanish class he is taking this year has been a waste of time. He studies Japanese via Skype with a teacher in Japan and is planning on taking the Japanese SAT II in November and the AP exam after than. He is also taking the level 3 Japanese Language Proficiency test next year, and the level two the year after that (passing the Level 2 is necessary for admission to a Japanese university). He should do fine.

His school is insisting that in order to get into a competitive college, he needs at least three years of Spanish. However, he is in a special arts program and so has an extended day. He is also planning on taking three AP classes next year and is also a participant of a nationally known jazz program. He also takes medication for ADD. In other words, he has a lot on his plate. I really don't want to waste his time with a class that is only for a college application and not to actually learn anything. What do you advise?

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