Will a College I Turned Down Re-Admit Me After a Gap Year?

Question: Hi Dean, I apologize for the inconvenience, however I am in a bit of a dilemma at the moment. I am a 19 year old who is currently on a gap year and reapplying to some schools. I've realized that the school that I've put my deposit down for currently is just not the right fit for me. I want to know what my chances are of getting into a certain school that already accepted me last year. I've already applied to that specific school there regular decision but am very nervous and anxious about whether or not they'll take me back or not. Thank you so much!

If your top-choice college accepted you once before then your chances of being readmitted are very good, BUT only if you make sure that the admission committee knows that you really mean it this time! Thus if you haven't done so already, contact this college immediately (email is fine) and explain that, after you were accepted last year, you committed to a different college, then you took a gap year, and now you realize that THIS college—and not the one you'd committed to—will be a better fit. Next, explain specifically WHY you think it's a better fit. You should also provide some information about what you did during your gap year, if your new application doesn't include this (and it probably does).

Because colleges are in the middle of making their decisions right now ... maybe this very week ... don't dawdle. You should direct your email to the staff member who oversees applicants from your high school (even though you're not in high school anymore). If you don't know who this “regional rep" is, look on the college Web site and, if you can't find it there, telephone the admission office on Monday morning and ask. But don't wait past Monday to send your message. Since you blew off this school last spring, you don't want the admission folks to assume that you're likely to do it again.