Preparing for College

Will a "C" Torpedo College Chances?

Question: I believe that I am a very strong student. Over the years I have had a 4.0, and I have been very involved in many activities. However, this is my senior year, and in my first nine weeks I got a C in my math class. All of my other grades were very high, and in both of my AP class I had A's and B's. Do you think there is any chance that I will get into college?

Yikes! You need to talk to a good college counselor! You are going to have tons of great college options. Admittedly, getting one "C" might affect your admission chances at some schools ... especially the most selective ones. But it won't be a deal-breaker for sure, and there are certainly many excellent colleges that will welcome an applicant with your record ... including that "C."

Don't you have a decent guidance counselor at your school to help you determine which colleges will be good fits for you and where you are likely to be accepted? Unless you can't see beyond the Ivy League and another short list of hyper-competitive colleges, then you will have many great choices. So talk to your counselor, and if that doesn't help, write back.