Will 9th-Grade Detention Affect College Outcomes?

Question: I recently got a Saturday detention at my school from a teacher for laughing in class. I was wondering if this Saturday detention will affect my future college application. I have never gotten in any trouble in my life. This is the only time I got in a detention. I was wondering if college might not take me because they see this detention that I have. I am really worried and never intended to get in trouble.

 Thanks a lot

You don’t have to report detentions to colleges … only suspensions, expulsions and other more serious infractions. Your guidance counselor won’t report this either.

BUT … although this incident was just a minor one and should have no negative impact on your future, you don’t want to get a reputation as a wise guy or a trouble-maker at school. So be sure to apologize to the teacher you offended and promise him or her that it won’t happen again … and then make certain that it doesn’t.

Meanwhile, you can stop worrying about this, and be sure to see The Breakfast Club, if you haven’t already.