Will 8th Grade "Copying" Detention Affect College Outcomes?

Question: I am in the 8th grade. I gave my homework to a friend because she did not do it. While copying my homework one of our teachers found out and took both of our homeworks. He said that we would receive an F in conduct and would have to serve a detention. Would colleges look at this, and would this effect my application in any way?

I have to wonder if there is a middle-schooler anywhere on this planet who didn't allow a panicked friend to copy a homework assignment at least once, although most of us over the eons have been savvy enough—or lucky enough—not to get caught. But you're actually lucky too because 8th-grade infractions don't go on your college record. So the F in conduct and the detention won't affect your college outcomes in any way.

However, here are couple pieces of advice for the future:

  1. If the teacher who punished you this time is someone who will teach you when you're in high school, you would be wise to write a brief note of apology and explain that you learned your lesson and that you won't be dishonest in any way ever again. You don't want to start high school with any teacher questioning your integrity. And even if you won't see this teacher after this year, it's still a thoughtful gesture to send a written apology.
  1. As you get older, the stakes get higher. Episodes like this one, which will not be part of your permanent record now, can be viewed more seriously once you're in high school. Although you'll find that it's still common for friends to ask to copy homework ... especially the “busy work" kinds of assignments such as repetitious foreign verb conjugations or math problems ... you may not get off so easy the next time!