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Will 6th Grade Detention Affect College Admission?

Question:I am in 6th grade and am a straight "A" student. I do not get in any trouble and my classmates think I am the nicest kid in the grade. However, I had one bad day and a kid stole my lunch and I got carried away and threw it at him. I got a referral because it hit his face. It was a total accident. I ended up going to the dean's office and receiving a week of lunch detention and one after school detention. Will colleges look at this?

Relax ... the news is all good. For starters, college applications ask only about discipline violations at the high school level. Secondly, unless you were actually suspended, expelled, or arrested by the police, then colleges don't care about your other misdeeds. In other words, although getting detention is certainly something you want to avoid, college admission officials aren't interested in knowing about it ... even when you're in high school.

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