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Why Didn't U. of Miami Tell Me If My Application Arrived?

Question: I applied to University of Miami in the middle of December 2011. It's already Jan. 11th, but I still haven't received an application confirmation e-mail!!! I'm really worried since most of the universities on my list have already confirmed completion of application. I tried to write e-mails to UM, but they didn't respond to any of them. I opened the website with application status checker, but found absolutely nothing on it. Am I rushing or am I right to worry? Help me please!

Don't worry! Your materials probably arrived safely but, if not, there is still time to replace them, even if the deadline has passed.

The U. of Miami Web site says:

4. In the "Admission" box, click on the link, "Application Documents Received". (View sample screen)

Note: If you do not see any option to view your documents it means your application is complete and with the Admission Committee for consideration.

(See: ) <a href=" ) ">)

So, do you think it's possible that your application is complete and already being considered?

Note, however, that there is a huge rush in college admission offices at this time of year yet many close down entirely for a long holiday break. This means that it can often take several weeks to process applications that arrived in December.

I recommend that you wait another week and then, if you are still worried that your application materials are missing, you can telephone the Miami admission office to follow up. In the meantime, check with your school counselor to confirm that all the school documents were submitted to Miami on schedule. If your materials really are missing, you can replace them without penalty if you act promptly.

So relax, and just stay on top of this but try not to be stressed about it.

(posted 1/11/2012)