Preparing for College

Which "Looks Better"--Calc, Stats, or Computer Science?

Question: I'm in 10th grade now and planning my future high school classes. In 8th grade, I took Algebra I; freshman year, took Geometry, sophomore year, taking Algebra II. A normal course at our school would to be continue on for PreCalculus/Trig junior year and Calculus senior year.

The only prerequisite for taking AP Statistics and AP Computer Science (1 semester each) is passing Algebra II. My question is would it be worth it to skip Calculus in high school to take AP Statistics and AP Computer Science in my senior year after taking pre-calculus junior year? Which one would look better on my transcript?

Calculus is considered the "Big Kahuna" of all classes--math or otherwise. That is, admission officials seem to hold Calculus in higher regard than just about any other high school course. It's almost as if Calculus (even the regular college-prep version and not just AP) is synonymous with "challenging," and both AP Stats and AP Computer Science take a back seat.

Granted, I certainly realize that Stats and Computer Science may be more appealing to many students; they may also mesh better with long-term academic or career goals; and--at some high schools--might even be tougher classes than Calculus. But I'm just trying to look at all of this through the Typical Admission Officer lens. And so, I pick calc as the big crowd-pleaser, especially at the more selective colleges and universities.

If you can't fit everything into your schedule over the couple years ahead, you can consider taking Calculus--or the other options--during the summer or perhaps online. When choosing between Stats and Computer Science, it's pretty much a wash. In other words, admission folks may have their preferences, but, in the long run, those preferences probably even out. But, again, while it's certainly not mandatory that you include a calc class on your transcript, you asked which would "look better," and that's what gets my vote.