Preparing for College

Which Email Address to Use on College Correspondence?

Question: Which email address should I use on my college applications? I will soon be applying to colleges and I have two separate email addresses. One begins with, "successful2B." I feel that this email address describes my character. Or, I have another and it is just a standard email with my name in it. Should I use that one because it is more professional? Are colleges looking for a professional email or an email that describes my drive to be successful? Thanks for your help!

This is a good question. Typically, I suggest that students use professional email addresses (e.g., But those that reveal a bit about them in a tasteful way can be eye-catching and harmless ... or occasionally even beneficial. For instance, admission folks might get a chuckle out of the student named "April" whose clever email address is (a reference to a line in T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land) or the "Walker" I once knew who chose "ineverun" as his addy (get it ... walker ... I never run ... ha ha! :) ).

But I always caution students to stay away from anything that suggests bad behavior or negativity ..."partygurl," "kegger," "skoolsux" and so on.

In your case, of course, you're suggesting just the opposite. However, I must admit that, while some admission folks will admire your determination, others could gag a bit and find your current email moniker just a bit too much. So my vote is for you to use either your more standard address or to come up with an alternative that is witty but not self-aggrandizing.