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Which Colleges Have Curfews?

Question: How can you find out which colleges have curfews?

The majority of colleges don't impose curfews anymore although some still do. Curfews are most typically found at military academies (e.g., West Point, Annapolis) and at religious schools (e.g., Oral Roberts University, Clearwater Christian College).

More common are related restrictions that don't fully qualify as "curfews." For instance, at some schools, dormitory residents may not be allowed to host members of the opposite sex after a designated time. And many dorms lock the doors at night (typically at 11 or 12) so that only residents with a key or pass card are allowed to enter.

The best way to find out if a college has a curfew (and what it is) is to contact the school directly. Although this isn't officially an "admissions" issue, the admissions office receptionist is usually fairly easy to reach and should have the correct answer for you.

I'm going to post this on College Confidential so that perhaps other CC members can provide names of specific schools with curfews.

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(posted 2/6/2013)