Preparing for College

Which Address Do I Use on My College Applications?

Question: I go to a boarding school, and I'm confused about what address to put for the college mailing lists. Do I put my boarding school mail address, or my home address?

The Common Application, which you are likely to use for many of your target colleges (as well as most other applications, too) will provide a space for both a "Permanent Address" and a "Current Address."

You will use your home address for the "Permanent" one and your school address for "Current." (Even if you are filling out the forms over the summer when you are not in school, you can use the school address for "Current.")

The Common Application will also ask you to give the name of your school and the dates you are in residence, if you are a boarding student there.

Once you see the applications themselves, then this will all be clear to you. Should you encounter an application that does not allow you to include both addresses, use your permanent home address on the form but then indicate in the "Additional Information" section or in a separate letter than you have a different address during the school year.

With so many colleges contacting students by email these days, it doesn't really matter where you are ... as long as you remember to check your email and don't rely strictly on text messages for communications, as my 13-year-old son seems to do. ;-)