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Where The Brains Are

Do you live in a "brainy" part of the country? I happen to live in a small community about 50 miles away from a gigantic Big 10 university. The overflow of brain power from that school has covered my region and I can see evidence of both intellectual and artistic traits manifesting here. When you look around your community, do you see signs of brilliance, or, as the old joke goes, is there no intelligent life sighted?

Our society is eager to rank everything from colleges and universities (the infamous U.S. News rankings, controversial as they may be), through best places to live, to which washing machine is a "best buy." I've often wondered about the aspect of "smartness." We have smart phones, smart cars, smart refrigerators, and smart meals. So, why not smart places to live? Well, my wondering has been satisfied by a relatively young -- and smart -- company in San Francisco: Lumosity. According to its Web site, Lumosity's "neuroscientists and game developers work hard to design entertaining exercises you'll want to play everyday. After all, the harder you train, the stronger your brain. We believe that is a truly enjoyable experience — and we're not the only ones who think this."

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